You would need to get another board with an IGP or add in a graphics card. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Best to try another PSU. Even then, the power supply would still be hit first. Generally speaking you have a better chance if the chip set is the same as the old board.

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Hi OtheHill, I recently got the Win7 3 licence family upgrade pack. Not sure if we are talking about the same thing though. Any suggestions on how should choose a reliable PSU, any brand names. On the one hand I wouldn’t mind a little project repairing this desktop. Net cannot verify the validity of the statements made on this site. You have clearly understood my dilemma.

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Thanks mickliq, PSU is on my list now. If u want core i3 or core i5 system u need to build or buy mcp7pv complete system. On the other hand is common sense telling me to just bite the bullet and get a new PC. The best deal I have found for a new motherboard is 85GBP. It was checked by an IT chap who noted that it doesn’t even give a beep on start up.


MCP73PV MS | Gateway Acer R Motherboard

Thousands of users waiting to help! Unless you had a power surge it is unlikely the motherboard is your problem. Testing with a lousy tester proves nothing. TeamVR July 10, Will get back with what I find.

In a world dominated by dual-channel memory standards — the MCP73 dares to be different! A quick internet search suggests that this make by MSI is out of production now.

Good point about the power supply, my shopping list seems to be getting longer!! Yes No I don’t have a dog. I know I bought a core 2 duo jcp73pv but do not have any further details. Apple Music VS Spotify: Net is the opinions of its users. It allows both, and I have upgraded Vista on one laptop and clean installed it for my netbook that ran WinXP.

Either borrow a PSU power supplybuy one somewhere that allows returns, or take your present PSU to someone else to test it. Thanks OtheHill, I hadn’t thought about the Win7 upgrade issue.


Budget Bliss – the MSI P6NGM featuring the MCP73PV chipset

I don’t think so though. Use Question Form such as ” Why?

If the board is bad u need new board with intel chipset socketpc case and psu the previous components from acer system will work on this new board. The information on Computing.

Upgrading Motherboard (and processor)

If possible, get the ICH Upgrade versions require a qualifying product to upgrade from. Notify me of new posts by email. Net and its accuracy. That means built onto the motherboard.