Create a free website or blog at WordPress. I wish I had another one of those 1. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I have found even a Pentium plays the movie clips in Panzer General a bit to fast but on the Pentium everything seems to play at the correct speeds and game play is very fluid. This site uses cookies. I originally wanted to go with Socket 5 for this build but lacking a working socket 5 board I opted for a slightly newer AT style socket 7 board.

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I have found even a Pentium plays the movie clips in Panzer General a bit to fast but on the Pentium everything seems to play at the correct speeds mavh64 game play is very fluid. From looking at the tests the ET makes a pretty big difference and in many places helps close the gap ahi the Pentium machine.

As we can see from the benchmarks that despite a slightly lower overall Front Side Bus the newer Pentium pulls ahead in all tests. The MQXm is a very interesting card as it supports many features and even has two Zilog Z80 macu64 for dual midi output. Now that we know the motherboard we are using for this project lets take a look at the other components.

ATI Winboost graphics card – Mach64 VT – 2 MB Overview – CNET

That said with this build we are going for a mostly look and feel for this project. These results seem to atl that gaming on a Pentium machine should give a more or less similar experience to gaming on a Pnetium machine without the headaches and with significantly lower cost involved.


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This also lets me experiment with different hardware. Under the LED display are two more buttons for turbo and reset.

ATI Mach64 GT GPU Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database

Music Quest MQXm with dongle. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Gains in Quake are very modest which makes sense mach46 I believe that game to be more CPU intensive then video card.

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The Pentium operates on a lower 50mhz FSB utilizing a 1. As neat as a socket 4 system is If you want to read about one check out an article I wrote on the subject here They can be pretty expensive and hard to find these days. Unlike the 5v Pentium and 66 the Pentium ran on 3. mahc64

ATI Mach64

I suspect running this chip on a socket 5 board possibly would of given slower results but this of course depends on boards and chipsets. Of course the video card can be upgraded to a faster 2D card or even a 3D card if you so choose. Synthetic benchmarks tend to favor the Pentium more but those kind of results are usually expected from synthetics.

I run this card along side the sound blaster to handle all my midi needs via mch64 midi modules while the Sound Blaster 16 handles digital effects as well as FM synth. There are software solutions such as SoftMPU but this creates a small amount of processing overhead and I just tend to prefer hardware solutions when available.

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ATI Mach64 GT

Keep in mind like many cards there were variations of the Mach64 offering more and faster video RAM as well as minor chip revisions. Machines based around the socket 4 Pentium and 66 make for a fairly fun and unique DOS computer. Even though the faster Pentium has an advantage of a slightly newer architecture and a 9mhz clock bump I was very curious how much of an effect the lower 50mhz FSB of the Pentium with a 1.

Work s in Progress! To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: As I mentioned earlier you can get somewhat different results depending on what motherboards you use but I feel results will generally follow the trend above. The earliest Pentiums also have their fair share of quirks and can be unreliable. Taking off the cover reveals the innards of this particular PC.