Please Use Descriptive Thread Titles. It is also highly recommended that you install a pin ZIF Zero Insertion Force socket on your motherboard, because later on you will need to swap chips in the Bios socket while the motherboard is powered on. Make sure you plug the ZIF socket cleanly into all 32 holes on the socket on the motherboard – it’s easy to miss a couple of pins at one end and get the whole thing moved along one place. When I set the processor at 1. I am beginning to wonder if justin should not have a drivers area on DSLreports..

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PCCHIPS MLR – coreboot

I bought the last three MDs the supplier had: This creates a subdirectory within linuxbios where you are now called pcchips, and creates the following files in it:.

Distributed Computing – General. Do not worry if bits of the system do seem to get started properly eg hard disk, ethernet, keyboard, root filing system What display cards work on the MLMR?

The procedure of flashing BIOS: No card with this chipset has worked,as yet. Can anyone locate a updated flash for this board, possibly one that states it resolves agp issues.


pcchips m810lr bios flash

I decided to write up my experiences to let other people know what I had buos do to get things working, in the hope that this may make it easier for other people later on. Ive put the s. If anyone can make them clearer or help me figure it out, that would be great.

Hey that might work, how do you reinstall the usb?

There are a lot of versions of this board, so make sure you use m8810lr right BIOS. Widespread Centurylink Outage this morning Glad the Flash went ok.

Can anyone find the latest bios file and give me a direct download link?? I’ve found such posts helpful to me in the past, so M80lr thought I’d just “pass it on.

If your system reboots and you see a penguin in the top corner of your screen instead of an AMI or Award Bios startup message, then you should jump up and down, punch the air, say things like “Wow! Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Originally Posted by pionex Since I cant find a comparitive replacement for my epox 8rda3i pro I am forced to run and operate the named board in biox title.

Building the MTD ‘erase’ utility was pretty straightforward – I assume you’ll have no problems here. When you build the kernel, use ‘make bzImage’ and then just leave the kernel where it is.


In addition, I’m having sound problems. Before flashing it, make sure the BIOS manufacturer and the model number of your board. Not a single problem at all Please register or login.

MLR Motherboard

The revision number of the board tested on is listed where available. Private Message – Add to Buddy List. So all I had to do was get myself a Disk-on-Chip device, and I’d have an instant-booting system, right? Rental car lied to me! I know this is a bit drastic but its the only thing I found helped.

The link works but I could never get to a point where the file downloaded to my system. Click here to become a Hardware Analysis registered user.

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