Or just open up and publish the necessary API so the concordance developers can get on with doing the job properly…. I keep getting an error and in the info box it is saying the the CPU t does not support the x64 version. Wet or Dry would be ideal. Hi David, Please contact customer support for assistance: Now I am no hardware driver author nor am I a computer science major but it totally baffles me that a mouse can not function when the only things it has to do are provide electrical impulses for three buttons, one scroll wheel, and one trackball.

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Still, there is something I am thinking about after reading all the posts… although the Win7 Upgrade Advisor says that 2 gigs RAM are enough for Win7 x64 I am not convinced that it is really sufficient to work smoothly, especially when working with Photoshop etc. The Windows 7 upgrade advisor You should also know: I appreciate your input to my query very much indeed. This allows you to test in the first screen the microphone and you can see that it is working. HI there I currently have Vista on my machine I guess a lot of guys have the same.

I have the botton to the right of my power button that i pushed and my web cam came on. Tell us about your experience with logirech site. Hi John, Not sure if any one here faced this issue.


I have a M with the Nvidia GPU and used to notice a flicker on x86 with the latest drivers but that was resolved in x64 thankfully.

Seems like faulty strategy to any sensible person. Thank you again for your input. I can not make any relation why the batery and explorer but this logitceh it!! Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site.

Hi Mauricio, It should work directly with the drivers that are either present or downloaded by Windows Update. There are a lot of products loggitech on the list of supported devices. Windows 7 drivers are now available across all relevant Logitech product lines.

logitech integrated cam driver for dell xps m model – Microsoft Community

How satisfied are you with this reply? I have installed Win 7 32bit on my M Hi Sean, When you install the drivers logitceh the webcam as explained above the microphone being part of the Logitech webcam will start working once this is installed. Eventualy the driver will be installed. I must say that I really like it.

It was way easier than logitechh to a Gig hard disk on the Asus ha that I purchased while in the US!

I might have expected this sort of thing from Dell, but not from Logitech, whose products I have been buying for years.

Also now I cant put the laptop into sleep mode? If you have a Blackberry, first install Desktop Manger. My webcam is still hot also in idle mode I had this problem in linux, but never in windows.


Dell XPS M1210 Logitech Quickcam Quality Sample

You should however get better results when using a x64 version of software. This means that I can use the integrated mic on a Skype call, but when I want to transfer an audiocassette, the miniplug cable is useless, and I must rely on room sound.

Thanks for marking this as the answer. I have also contacted Dell regarding this but I believe Logitech would still need to provide drivers to Dell. I bought a Logitech QuickCam Pro less than 2 years ago. I have installed Nvidia drivers from Windows Update.

Please contact customer support for assistance: Did you do an upgrade or was this a clean installation? In order for the Bluetooth to work lkgitech, you need to install the driver from Dell, and not rely on the W7 one. I only have 32bit Vista driver.

I also had a Dell technician come round to replace the whole motherboard recently since the graphics card was dying on logltech luckily I was still under guarantee with the 3 years coverage and even though he was pretty quick it took him about 10 minutes to switch everything out!