Just remember not to use the power adapter, it is powered thru the Firewire port. Ignore any restrictions on number of channels here, that will not be an issue. I used it with power adapter without any problems. Do you have sound in the desktop? To clarify, It took me forever to get this working. Free forum by Nabble. On Fri, Jul 3, at 2:

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linux-audio-user – M-Audio ProFire

In reply to this ljnux by Nicanor Garcia I would definitely recommend this interface, it has worked fine for me under linux. But it’s of course quick expensive For now, the only feasible option is to look into some of the bridging solutions which make JACK ports available to either ALSA low levelor one of the higher level desktop-orientated systems such as pulseaudio. Device is a DICE device Subunit info command failed firewire ERR: Number of channels command provire However, I have not used any of these and therefore I can’t give any pointers as to the best way for you to proceed.

As a result they will not be accessible using the usual desktop sound systems which only make use of ALSA-supported devices without further configuration work. My first choose was to get a portable audio interface, so that i can easily move it around and if necessary using it on different boxes.

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Initially had some trouble setting it up, but now works perfectly! What do you suggest i try?

ProFire 610

This is why the native gnome sound configurations will not report the existance of the Profire. I never tried this interfaces, but I’m sure there are several users that can tell you about them in the list. Hi guys, I followed every step to install the last ffado driver and jack controller Error creating FFADO streaming device cannot load driver module firewire no message buffer overruns I have jack and qjackctl installed from the repos, not from svn.

I mean, I could configurate the profire successfulybut I can’t find a way to configure ffado as the default soundcard to get sound in the entery enviroment.

I would definitely recommend this interface, it has worked fine for me under linux.


Let me tell you that the is meant to solve all the problems of the in which it’s based and which is mostly incompatible with any system, including Profrie and Mac. Thank you all for your guidance: If you require further information about linuxx of this please let us know in a follow-up. Correct me if I’m wrong about this data. When I try to start jack jackd -R -d firewire; or with qjackctl, same thing happensI get these errors. If this is an issue, upgrade libraw to version 2.

On Tue, Jun m-aidio, at Good news is that ProFire is recognized by ffado, also the ffado-mixer starts and does not crash and shows some basic info, like sample rate, clock source etc. Ignore any restrictions on number of channels here, that will not be an issue.

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[SOLVED] Profire recognized by ffado mixer but not jack

For further information refer to my reply on the 28th. I can now confirm that what you need to do is: Apologies for the delay in getting this published: I tested profire Yesterday.

M-udio Fri, Jul 3, at 2: Working against trunk with this diff I don’t know the mailing list address, yet. The soundcard is detected and some config opions is appear in ffado-mixer, including matrix mixer any channel to any channel and crossfader mixer.

I am vaguely aware of helper programs which can be used to bridge between JACK and the various desktop sound systems currently in use. Given your followup post on the 27th I assume the basic problem of “no sound” has been resolved that is, when using JACK applications it seems to work according to that post. DBUS service running