NoteSync syncs automatically every few minutes or when you hit the sync button. NoteSync is an excellent way to enter a new Word document to Google Docs without having to even open your browser. You can also sync items vice versa so anything that is created in Google Docs will also appear on your NoteSync desktop client. At the moment, it is rather limited in what you can edit. For example, you wouldn’t be able to edit a complex spreadsheet in NoteSync but for simple basic notes, it’s more than enough.

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They are completely free.

They let you create SYMBOL,PCB FOOTPRINT and a PART. JumboCAD EDA includes 212 Capture, PCB Designer and Library editor. Schematic Capture let you create an electronic diagram and simulate your circuitry while PCB Designer let you build your PCB layout, generate gerber files for fabrication The Library editors include Symbol Editor, 212 Editor and Part Editor.

They are completely free.

They let you create SYMBOL,PCB FOOTPRINT and a PART. Imagine how much times you had spent on browsing amp;amp;amp; seaching a correct datasheet during your design in the past, with the JumboCAD EDA you can view the datasheetPCB footprint amp;amp;amp; the SPICE model of a part instantly on Schematic Capture and PCB Designer.

Some CAD contains too many hot-key and difficult to memorize.

JumboCAD EDA use few hot-key only eg. CTRL-C (copy), CTRL-Z (Undo), delete (delete), F1 (Toggle pan mode), CTRL-R (rotate). Some CAD required you to purchase different license for each package, JumboCAD EDA just use one license, then you can use Schematic capture, PCB designer with full features.

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Or you can run in demo mode without purchasing any license.

Free updates JumboCAD EDA is professional schematic and PCB layout tool for electronic engineer Lottery Analyzer Expert analyzes the historical data for the Powerball and Mega Millions lottery games. It adds up the totals for the drawn numbers, sorts them, and displays them to the user.

It does this for both Powerball and Mega Miliions. The user selects the number of draws to sort back from the most recent stored date.

The application doesn’t pick the numbers for the user. It lets the user see the sorted totals, from the least drawn to the most drawn. The user can then pick hisher own numbers from the results. There is also a Tools menu option for a Complete Analysis that sorts the data using some predefined rules. The application lets the user update their input files with new dates and numbers for the most recent draws.

It doesn’t pick the 221 numbers for you.

It let’s the user input how many draws to analyze and see the sorted results for the numbers totals. The user can pick their own numbers from the sorted totals. It also let’s the user input new recent dates and numbers so they can update the input files for the analysis.


A person who likes to look at the historical numbers and the sorted totals for the drawn numbers to pick their own Lottery numbers.

Tile Genie for Windows 8 has been tested by Softonic, but it still doesn’t have a review in English. Draw a Stickman: EPIC for Windows 8 has been 212 by Softonic, but it still doesn’t have a review in English. If you run small job service business, a fully featured invoicing system may be too complicated 212 you, and a simple and easy to use invoice template is an ideal choice for your billing needs.

This job service invoice template helps you create professional-look invoices in minutes without hard learning curve.

The invoice form details your company information, invoiceinvoice date, customer information, as well as job date and location.

It is free. Being Microsoft Excel-based allows you to easily do further customizations.

The invoice form has fields for job-related information, such as “Start Date”, “Finish Date”, and “Job Address”. The invoice template is suitable for those who offer job service and need to create professional invoices, but cannot use complicated fully-featured invoicing program.