Partners Support Community Ubuntu. Identified as Huawei E same vendor and product-id. If your device isn’t listed, please add it to the table below. I will only cover IPTables and Kernel 2. Not working with Network Manager. Dialing with NM 0. As give here here.

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Does NOT work in 9.

specifications & all drivers for laptops

I will only cover IPTables and Kernel 2. Works out of the box in Maverick tested with kernel 2.

Compile the liinux using the following commands: It’s all complete but no sim card available. Device must first be activated using WinXP or similar on-device, windows-only configuration software.

Data Card Info

We include exactly what is shown in the photographs, nothing more and nothing less. APN depends on contract: Module is a Sierra MC, use Driver from sierra wireless.

In Maverick and Natty, after switching, follow the New Connection wizard and you’ll be ok. Detected out of the box with 8. Ed168 with network manager out of the box. More on this to follow To work with full bandwidth requires the command: You need not, but probably can, discover your USB modem’s own phone number by logging into your account on your cellular provider’s website.


Modem/3G – Debian Wiki

Must be connected during boot, otherwise not detected by network manager. Die Funktion ist einwandfrei. See more like this. Disconnect button from the applet available once connected doesn’t work. In Lucid, shows up in NetworkManager 0. The writer has neither met nor tested the circumstance in question. Extract it to a directory somewhere safe. All new but not sim card included.

Puppy Linux Discussion Forum :: View topic – ? EVDO Wireless USB Modem Setup ?

Detected out of the box with 9. Works out of the box at 3 Sweden, but may have to manually set DNS servers. Plug in your USB modem if you have not already done so. It is not asserted that the procedure were the smoothest possible, but the procedure does have the virtue of being relatively obvious in its operation.

Provider info Information needed to get online with certain providers. It has a phone number. Use PC Suite mode!


If you discover you need provider information from here or elsewhere, please file a bug against the mobile-broadband-provider-info package so we can improve the experience for all users to a level where all providers Just Work out of the box. For Novatel wvdial novatel internet 3gonly k For Option wvdial option internet 3gonly k If you need to send your PIN, add “pin” infront of all the commands, e.

Install the packages netbaseifupdownand ppp if you don’t have them already: Network Manager does not work. If your device isn’t listed, please add it to the table below.

APN depends on contract.