Here are a few tips: Word documents created on your PC can be opened and edited on your device. Page 90 90 Getting Connected Always request and obtain prior consent and approval of an authorized airline representative before using your device aboard an aircraft. Choose whether to block the contact. I want to know if I can get the internal GPS going does have the gps icon in progams listed 2nd? Start and stop synchronization You can manually synchronize either from your device or PC.

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If you are already on a call and accept the new call, you can choose to switch between the two callers, or set up a conference call between all three parties. Third- party belt-clips, holsters and similar accessories containing metallic components should not be used.

Pictures are shown in full-screen view with 5- second intervals between slides. Is there a newbie forum about this info, where You can ask about this even if it might have already been posted before.

Sprint Mogul PPC-6800 (HTC Titan 100)

You can end running programs manually by following these steps: The procedure for creating a voice tag for a program is the same as the procedure for creating a voice tag for a phone number. Wi-Fi Wi-Fi provides wireless Internet access over distances of up to meters. During a call or while playing music, scroll up or down to adjust the sound volume. When the restoration process is complete, press the Space Bar on the hardware keyboard to restart your device.


This can be useful when your device is running slower than normal, or a program is not performing properly. Personal tab Icon Description Buttons Assign a program or function to a hardware button.

Word documents created on your PC can be opened and edited on your device. For example, if you assign a contact to the location 2 in Speed Dial, you can simply tap and hold Before you can create a Speed Dial entry, the number must already exist in Contacts. Page 98 98 Experiencing Multimedia Follow these steps to set the scrolling speed.

Notice that Outlook e-mails and other information will appear on your device after synchronization. When it is ON, it receives and also sends out radio frequency RF signals.

liberar htc tita Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

On the Identification tab, enter your personal information. Unbrick your dead-boot lumia Please contact your local dealer for replacement antenna.

E signal is transmitted and over which UT Starcom has no control. To work with the contact titq100 There are several ways to use and customize the contact list.

Specify how to name captured images and video clips. To view slide shows You can view your pictures as a slide show on your device.

Note You can view the document only if you have a Microsoft Outlook account that synchronizes with Microsoft Exchange Server or later. Start and stop synchronization You can manually tiha100 either from your device or PC. Page To view slide shows You can view your pictures ttita100 a slide show on your device. The handwriting will be converted to text shortly after you lift the stylus from the screen. Set how often to synchronize during Peak times which usually refer to your working hours when e-mail volume is high, as well as Off-peak times when e-mail volume is low.


TITA User manual 1 rev (Pocket PC Phone) by HTC

Battery Safety Your device uses a removable and rechargeable lithium ion battery. Calculator Perform basic arithmetic and calculations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

To locate a task When your list of tasks is long, you can display a subset of the tasks or sort the hhtc to tuta100 find a specific hhtc.

Flag Your Messages Flags serve as reminders to yourself to follow up on important issues or requests that are indicated in the messages. The selected symbol will then be inserted in your document. I’m have windows Xp on my home pc, active sync is installed If I unlock the phone tonightnothing else, will the phone still work with original software If so, I will atleast be heading in the right direction Thanks for any input or links to read or download.