Always remember that after making any rear-panel dipswitch changes, turn the plotter off and on again. How does HP install software and gather data? Press rotate again and rotate will be turned off. The recommended speeds are:. Solution Try changing the margins to expanded. It could be triggered by a communication or programming problem.

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Solution The HP DraftPro series plotters have adjustable plotteg speeds through a series of keystrokes on the front panel. Free plotter convert to vinyl cutter?

A drawing cannot be rotated more than 90 degrees. This will set ALL pens to that speed. The “leading edge” is the front end of the paper at the front of the plotter.

If the software does not have the option to set pen speed, then the speed set on the front panel will stay in effect. Both options use the same installation slot and only one option can be installed at a time.

Solution Rollerball pens require more force applied by the plotter to work correctly; more force than is plottsr for use of the fiber-tip, refillable or disposable pens. Using rollerball pens on the HP DraftPro series plotters.


The HP DraftPro series plotters do not have an adjustable force option. Changing the power on the plotter to take it to another country. To avoid this, input the actual plotting dimensions in place of the media size. If the plotter runs its self print test then you know the internals of the plotter are OK and the problem is in the communications or the software instructions. The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable. Follow us on All times are GMT Asia Pacific and Oceania.

Plotter Pens: Fit HP, HI, & Calcomp, Roland & Compatible Plotters

I think I have the serial connection functioning properly. I hear a lot about vinyl cutting with plotters, for what purpose? Can the pen force be adjusted on any of the HP DraftPro series plotters? The time now is Paper with fiber-tip and drafting pens.

Plotter Pens for Pen Plotting: HP, HI, Calcomp, & Roland Plotter Pens

Solution Do the following:. Solution This is not possible. Solution Try changing the margins to expanded. Here’s what I have: Also make sure the driver for your plotter is the right one. How does HP install software and gather data? Results 1 to 3 of 3. Always remember that after making any rear-panel dipswitch changes, turn the plotter off and on again. Ho an autocad bp file from a friend and send it to the plotter or download a trial version of a CAD package and output something from it.


Have a pen and a D size piece of paper ready for the test. If it runs, the communications parameters are fine and it will run correct HPGL.

HP DraftPro, DraftPro DXL, and DraftPro EXL Plotters – Issues and Solutions

Press Enter to send the point to the computer. Most software packages that support digitizing require that the plotter have a digitizing sight loaded.

Solution When the wrong carousel is used, pens will not fit properly in the caps and they will dry out sooner.