Even if the AA turret was removed, the problem remained. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. ASensationalAsian , on 27 July – Because It’s slow and massive, and again the armor will not compensate that much. You just get that sinking feeling. Sign In Email address:

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The E is a tricky tank to play, requires quite a bit of knowledge of tactics to be successful. These guns could potentially be installed on relatively light Panther or Tiger based vehicles, but in reality only one carrier was built, the 17 cm Kanone 72 Sfl Geschuetzwagen Tiger otherwise known as Grille Also, we found that mids were missing the warmth and richness you get from a device capable of producing top-quality audio.

Take pleasure in the whinning of all you destroy. Do not show this dialog again. The armor protection of this tank is actually quite good, the only true weak spot on the front of this monster is the lower armor plate, but when the tank is fought at an angle, even that can be difficult to penetrate.

Design, interface, and other features Fortunately, the rest of the E’s design isn’t quite so bad, although it has a decidedly plasticky feel. MrSharkswith01, on 26 May – Is it a Newbie’s Tank?


Because I started that way that is the order that they are horribld. Ravvak69 12 Posted 26 May – The Iriver E has plenty of other features to keep you busy, although the ability to customize the interface to your liking is not one of them. I understand where you’re coming from.

iriver E review: iriver E – CNET

This tank is a fictional design, incorporating the E’s basic design and a tested for stationary mounts autoloading anti-air mm gun which then have been brought together and modified to fit. Sources and External Links. Is the E a newbie tank The gun is too inaccurate to aim for weakspots, and the pen is bad, so do some damage rather than none. However, the project was doomed. It’s big, has a big gun, and armor. Weak turret against HEAT means angling is a must, often against multiple angles.

E Is it a Newbie’s Tank? – General Discussion – World of Tanks official forum

Sign In Email address: Initially, the E was not a serious option hordible a superheavy tank destroyer. Great alpha damage, but terrible terrible pen, long reload, and incredibly inaccurate. Xyience 5 Posted 26 May – I have played against it.


In you is7, you get 2 shots for every one of theirs. It doesn’t give it a bad rep, it just gives it a respectable fear factor that you just proved. Most I just stopped playing or tried to rehab a bit I only fear E’s or JpE’s if they see me first which isn’t often the case unless they’re using their brawlers to spot and well, you get ammo racked. Imo is the worst horrrible 10 German heavy tank, that’s why this is the on track to E The model used in-game is what the design could have been if the project was carried to further development.

D-Click navigation isn’t optimal for the control pad setup. ExRaided 1 Posted 26 May – I’m holding off pulling the trigger on it while I’m back on lower tiers.

They sit in the open. I saw this quite a few horribld.

I penned him 0 times, he penned four times in a row.