Corrected a problem that caused elevation data requiring five digits to not display correctly. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Fixed lockup that could occur when selecting symbols for waypoints. All Forerunner models; most Garmin watches. Changes made from version 2. Flash Memory Installed Size.

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Additional Product Features Resolutions. Find-by-name searches now only return a list of items that begin with the input string. Show less Show more. Fixed shutdown caused by viewing some marine light points. Corrected a problem that caused elevation data requiring five digits to not display correctly.


Added nautical miles as a unit by which to project a waypoint. I was disappointed that some of the games don’t work properly, but that is NOT the reason I purchased it The active tracklog holds trackpoints. A buck buys you your first 30 days of service.

These newer models i. If you are in shade it is more difficult to see. Corrected problems with the automatic closing feature of the Turn Preview Page when using German or Italian languages. Corrected potential problems resulting from automatic closing of the keyboard.


Fixed lockup that would occur when ‘finding by name’ and then viewing map information for the point. Waze now tells iOS users how long they’ll be stuck in traffic Catching up with Android, the latest iOS version of the crowdsourcing traffic app can track your progress or lack thereof when it’s gridlock.

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Added the ability to automatically close the keyboard when six or less items are in a find-map-points-by-name list. I had an older “brand X” Fixed problem where excessive track points could be recorded.

Enter coordinates in any format, in any datum. If your computer asks for a driver, please see the software and installation instructions that came with your device, or download and install the USB driver from Garmin’s website at www.

Purchase a quality, high gain remote antenna.

Corrected a problem where elevation for a user waypoint could be rounded incorrectly. Changed tide stations to show selected date when saved on a calendar day. Get a TomTom 4. TomTom bundles the XL S with a carrying case, and you get to install the latest map update free of charge.


Corrected a problem that could cause valid intersections to not be found. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Show More Show Less. This item doesn’t belong on this page.

Garmin GPSC Mapping GPS Review

Fixes occasional shutdown on highway page. Calculate gpsmp by marking GPS waypoints at the corners of a field or parcel. ExpertGPS can do it 5x faster! Corrected the drawing of Follow Road routes in some roundabouts.

Made the way intermittent water areas are drawn more visible. The UK’s greatest tech podcast presents everything you need to know from Gamescomas well as LG’s bizarre retro mobile and much more. You can change this location if you like. Fixed problem with Gpsap Southern Grid using wrong longitude of origin.