But not to worry because when you access the Dual-Bios Management setup, the directions and options given are fairly straight-forward and understandable. Expansion-wise, this board is perfect, just like the Asus P2B-F. Many people would dismiss the feature as unnecessary and as gimmicks to sell the product. Unfortunately, in a competitive world, Gigabyte’s dual BIOS solution isn’t going to cut it and the motherboard lacks a certain personality and the unique qualities that make the BX6s, the P2Bs, and the AX6BCs stand out in the industry. During STR sleep mode, your system uses only enough energy to maintain critical information and system functions, primarily the system state and the ability to recognize various “wake up” triggers or signal, respectively.

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Although it’s labeled, it’s hard to see them within the case in one small corner. The contents of the well presented box include the following: With the BX, just boot the PC, Main-Bios error message would be flashed and you can press the combination keys shown to access to the Dual-Bios management options This combination key is always shown and not only in such an emergency.

This is a very cool and timesaving feature but you must make sure that your Power-Supply can give out at least mA at the 5VSB source. Plus, the short trace lengths between the BX North Bridge controller and the DIMM slots would indicate a rare chance gigaybte even in the most “mission critical” of memory applications the BX would fail.

Vidro time for Gigabyte to take a look at the industry and find out what the market is demanding, something that no one has been able to provide, and provide it. Cards such as the Creative-Live do not use this connector. It’s very informative with some benchmarks and diagrams but the presentation method can improve as the 1st glance gives you a feeling that it’s slightly chaotic. Gigabyte, in turn, is working to get their name engraved in the minds of hardware enthusiasts world wide, what is their claim to fame?

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Index The Bad The Test.

The Test – Gigabyte BX BX Slot-1

Something a bit obscure actually Expansion-wise, this board is perfect, just like the Asus P2B-F. The selling point of this motherboard is it’s Dual-Bios function.

Gigabyte took great care in placing the most amount of features into the smallest possible area with the BX, there isn’t a square inch of Vidso that is wasted with this motherboard.

The “state” is stored in memory RAM before the system goes to sleep.

Gigabyte’s BIOS fault protection system comes in handy in that case, however considering that you don’t flash your BIOS every day, it doesn’t seem like the technology will be something to write a book on. Then vudeo of a sudden, the big-time motherboard maker, Gigabyte, who hasn’t been in the limelight for sometime, comes bc2000 with an updated BX motherboard with a new item called Dual-Bios.

But give it some thought, it is a helpful setup. This board is an extremely stable board, excellent expansion with fast performance to boot!

GA-BX | Motherboard – GIGABYTE Global

Now this seems outdated for a brand new board. They’re steep demands, but it’s what’s necessary for survival in this industry. Therefore you shouldn’t base your decision entirely on the benchmarks you see here, but also on the technical features and advantages of this particular board, seeing as that will probably make the greatest difference in your overall experience.

The Test In recent times, choosing a motherboard cannot be completely determined by a Winstone score. Overall Vireo Out of a maximum of 5 Star.


Area Tested C 66×6 C x4.

Gigabyte BX2000 BX Slot-1

Very rarely do you hear names such as Freetech and FYI mentioned all over the net, however another name that is not frequently associated among the most popular of manufacturers is in fact a very well known company named Gigabyte. It’s rare that the BIOS chip will ever fail during regular operation, however sometimes there are errors when flash upgrading a BIOS that may result in an otherwise dead system.

The available FSB settings are very limited, 66, 75, 83,Mhz and a maximum multiplier support of 8x. Log in Don’t have an account?

This is the System Information Viewer: Unfortunately, in AnandTech’s MB memory module compatibility testing, the BX failed to boot with even a single MB module, just something you may want to keep in mind. This is the full explanation: As the name is intended to imply, the BX is the motherboard of the future, but it starts out as being a motherboard that looks much like those of the past.

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. You cannot have this feature to work successfully unless you follow the given instructions in the manual to setup the feature. Click to Enlarge The vdeo PCI slots are all capable of accepting full length expansion cards, however the one shared PCI slot is only capable of doing so if you do not make use of the on-board Infrared connector.