The simplicity of the implementation introduces restrictions that should be noted:. If all is well running the PTUserIo application will display the binding names on the console: It can be used for research in order to assure quality-of-service QoS , or may be used for system manager to monitor the RTP traffic. There are two important things to notice about this function:. Implementation of this function is straightforward.

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However, at this point there is no mechanism to inform the application that intemediate adapter handle is invalid. The first thing that I did was to repartition the hard drive to 1. Indeed, PnP can initiate unloading of the PassThru driver at any time. This article and the companion code are intended to be used for the benefit of the reader of this article. This the user-mode function that is used to to open a binding-specific handle to the PassThru driver.

Extending the PassThru NDIS IM Driver – Part 1

Instead we will deal with it in later topics when we actually add features that require a PassThru handle to remain open for extended periods. A little memory is not released as soon as desired, but the system should not crash. At this point the dispatch handlers are simple stubs.


However, the debugging of bit user-mode applications can be performed standalone on the bit host. Making an appropriate modification to PtRequestComplete is the key change that must be made to the baseline code to add our Wininitiated NDIS query information implementation. Are there any open source projects or articles that explain the process better than the articles above? Instead, it relies on an underlying miniport driver to deal with the actual physical device.

However, there is a problem that must we must anticipate and deal with before we can proceed. I’m not sure I understand correctly. Use at your own risk. Copyright c Information This article and the companion code are intended to be used for the benefit of the reader of this article.

Now that handling of request completion is taken care of we can implement the rest of the driver code for making the Wininitiated requests:.

Extending the PassThru NDIS IM Driver – Part 2

However, it is dated This article and the accompanying sample code are provided for educational purposes only. Just when you thought we had exhausted the topic of opening and closing Win32 handles to the PassThru driver we find that there is another major issue to consider.

Each step includes a description of the functionality being added and a description of the driver modifications needed to implement the new functionality. Product feedback Sign in to give documentation feedback. The ADAPT structure contains essential information about each binding that as been successfully opened.


Responding to Sets and Queries in an Intermediate Driver

We are not going to develop the handle-invalidating notification mechanism in Part 1 of this series of articles. Adding the capability to make NDIS requests to query information is first on the list. At the same time, for a free code like this it is essential that you understand that the authors do not provide any warranty whatsoever that the extendinb code is fit for any purpose whatsoever.

The driver enforces exclusive access on a per-binding basis. If a valid handle is returned it etending simply closed.

What I need is this: Hopefully the problem that must be dealt with is becoming clear. Once we can query information on a handle then we can fetch and display human-readable information about the adapter. Because in the latter case, a user-mode filter might suffice.

Choose the type you’d like to provide: Associate the handle with the adapter: Here are the two items to be associated: