Discussion in ‘ HP ‘ started by majoho , Nov 6, AFAIK, software based raid is much slower than the hardware based solutions on desktops and some notebooks. Thanks for any input. The only sure way to get the Wifi working is to continuiously restart the computer until it finally finds my Wifi, Every other computer in the house has no problem finding it, including the PC’s. You need to get one that is listed in the servcie manual I posted above with the HP part number on it. You could have done a clean install of W7 and installed the 64 bit Vista drivers for any of your hardware. This is also the 1.

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Technical Journal of Michael Rogers: Raid 0 on HP dv

Anyone tried the GTX from gecube? I’ve tried restarting, flicking the switch both ways and restarting with it each way, loggin in and out with the switch flipped both ways and nothing. WeAreNotAloneNov 7, But I bought the laptop anyway and I really like it. Windows Update probably installed some generic Wifi driver which wasn’t fully compatible. Just do a search on dv overheating.

My laptop is only going to be my secondary anyway, I’m not concerned about the security. Danishblunt Nov 27, This way it’ll keep most of the Windows Vista drivers that are still supported in Windows 7.


I also cleaned out the fan which was probably the cause of the GPU to fail. Hardware Gaid and Aftermarket Upgrades.

I have G73JH 98ohyeahDec 16,in forum: Bobbert9 Dec 5, But RAID-0 boot drives, that’s a recipe for disaster, and a pain in the rear to get rad up. It was stated that the notebook version of the controler had raid disabled. I don’t have a link but it shouldn’t be hard to find on www.

HP Pavilion Dv9000 432986-001 Laptop Audio Board Infrared Lens Daoat9ab8c9

WeAreNotAloneNov 6, If so, I don’t know why. Thanks for any input. That oughta make the thing last a while longer. Perhaps I’ll keep this beast and put in two 1TB hard drives for it, make a 2TB RAID Media Center as this also came with the media center remote that plugs in the side of the laptop too and with the xb it’ll look all the better beside my TV.

DanishbluntNov 11,in forum: Has anyone tried modding the MSI Logo color on the lid? You may want to follow this guide below on how to minimize the problem.

Anyone done a RAID setup on a dv | NotebookReview

This is also the 1. Actually it’s pretty simple to set up in Windows XP, I’m talking about software RAID – you basically install windows and then add another disk in Disk Management and it changes it to raid. You probably could rqid found an HP W7 driver for the card as well. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Message 2 of 6. If you have a question create a new topic by clicking here and select the appropriate board.


See Chapter 3 starting on page for the supported cards and HP part numbers. Message 6 of 6.

Anyone done a RAID setup on a dv9000

If one of the drives dies, you’re SOL. I’d highly recommend against it. Another question is that why replacing the broken GB hard drive I noticed the second hard drive expansion which I thought was pure genius! This topic has been archived. The reflow process was to reseat the GPU, the “Penny Mod” is to place a copper dv0900 in between the GPU and the Cooling pad before the heat sink to create more downward pressure on the GPU it self which will hold it on the motherboard much better, and finally the Thermal Paste upgrade is simply to reduces the chip temperature as it makes removing heat from the chip far faster and more effective.