The II Film Holders Negatives below and slides in the opened holder They are not identical to the ‘s holders, though. The II can do the job. It will be upside down as you load the holder. They are not identical to the ‘s holders, though. You aren’t likely to see this if you are scanning for small output.

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Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 II – film scanner (35 mm) – desktop – USB 2.0

Easy Scan startup screen reminds you to insert the holder However, I didn’t think twice about it being a good move and sent Konica Minolta a check rather than return the scanner. We can heartily recommend the Easy Scan utility. In short, the scanner itself seems to outrun the software.

Ready for Your Close-Up?: I exposed a couple of rolls of this film midday in Bodie in the summer, and the resulting slide film had a huge blue shift that I assumed was the result of mixing high saturation and contrast and the excessively cold color temperature light at such high altitudes. You can also contact the company at Darlington Ave. Someone explain to me why scanner manufacturers always include a cable or two while printer manufacturers never do. This allowed me to experiment with various types of images.

Fortunately, the DiMAGE Scan Utility is easy and effective to set up and use to output raw high-bit scan files, including batch processing.


And correcting each dimension of image quality separately, reprocessing the entire file each time, is not an ideal way to finish scans dimagd you have more than just a few images to adjust and edit.

The Batch utility is accessed through the Launch utility, which also provides access via individual buttons to the Easy Scan and Scan utilities. With images for which this amount of focus falloff would be unacceptable, you need a workaround. dijage

The back panel has just the one USB port and a connection for the power adapter. We didn’t find much fault with the ‘s negative conversion and there’s little evidence of the new Film Expert Algorithm in the II. Drum-Scanner quality 35mm scanner Epite Scan Elite II is sharp enough to capture not only the smallest details 35mm film can resolve, but grain and dust far smaller.

Minolta Dimage Scan Elite II – film scanner (35 mm) – desktop – USB Overview – CNET

The faster speed seemed to make up for, well, everything else. But first, launch your scanning software. But since our Tiger box does not have USB 2. It corrects image characteristics of people, nightscapes, trees and skies. It does multiple scans of an image with no loss of scab, which reduces or nearly eliminates CCD noise. Probably its biggest drawback, though, is its lack of versatility.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 II Scanner

Good product, easy to use. This is a problem with most negatives and older mounted slides, and is, obviously the reason drum scanners and Imacons bend film to counteract 540 curling. When you need them to restore faded colors, saythey’re nice to have.


There should be an ISO standard on this. The Launcher provides access to all three scanning utilities, defines the Quick Scan dimate and accesses a fourth application. The two scans can be auto-aligned in Photoshop and then the out-of-focus zones from each of the two scans removed. Initially I chose to adjust, color correct, and edit these raw files using Adobe’s Photoshop Elements 3.

White LED Power requirements: Ekite an improved drive mechanism, optimized internal processing and proprietary optics, scan time is down to 25 seconds a frame. The II Film Holders Negatives below and slides in the opened holder They are not identical to the ‘s holders, though.

This was easier, even more so than I have been used to in the past. I used an experimental black and white reversal scn to process the film to black and white positive slides.

The II is stable enough without it. They are not identical to the ‘s holders, though.