At first I hated it, or thought I did. Hitting a Launcher Comp 8. I got the XLS Draw 9 degree with the stiff red shaft. Much more solid than the XL hybrids which were, truly, a disappointment to me. Was fitted with a Hibore XL

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Jared M is right on. As well as 20 putts!

With the possible combination of two heads, two shafts, and three or four different flexes for each shaft, I highly reccomend getting an analysis to find which driver matches your swing speed and entry angle. Joe, Find a launch monitor somewhere and get the numbers. Why are there no values for my used golf clubs? Still, since you liked your old shaft, I recommend that you put your old graffaloy shaft in if the hosel fits and try it.

Do you think I would benefit from the HiBore?

Cleveland Hi-Bore Titanium This is my first year really golfing just learning the game. For others it may be considered a bit of a hook stick. The XL Tour model is made to address the ball with an open face, 3 degrees, but it is not offset either.


Cleveland HiBore XL Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 35 reviews –

hiboree It was straight as an arrow too. Not sure if I would benefit with the red shaft or not — any ideas? The Tour model has a shallower body to allow for more workability. Overall, both models produced an extremely consistent ball flight.

Cleveland HiBORE XLS Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

As a follow up on my post, recently, I took hibode Gap wedge, putt and birdie. The was a little right, ha! I went to the driving range Saturday. Similarly for decent players, i found it quite hard to manouvere the ball around. LOVE the club, am now looking at the hibore irons to help me break 90 on a more consistent basis. First few hits as a warm up were nothing special, so tried the FT3 to compare distance and direction.

Even a hard practicing pro like Vijay Singh had trouble with his driving once he switched over to the hibore from the launcher range. I can break the barrier on a warm day.

Teed up again and with a more relaxed swing, it jibore flew off nice, straight n long. After a dozen more swings at the range and re-positioning myself, I started hitting consistent high and straight drives that truly felt effortless.

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Cleveland HiBore XL Driver Reviews

What a wonderful weapon. The golf magazine reviews of the Hibore XL in comparison to other drivers always puts it in the middle of the group they really have nothing to great to say about this club.

The gold shaft has an active tip and I swing the driver averaging mph and I just launched the ball too high for my liking. What worked best for me was the 9. I aim down the right side of the fairway and mash this thing. A great club that does what it is supposed to and I kind of like the look once I got used to it. And very hard to hit sideways. Your review is absolutely correct!

Thanks Phil, I went in and just swapped clubs with the clubhouse this morning. How are trade values determined? I am lucky to get to with my cheapy RAM.