Want to know more about working here? Upload your CV Sign in. Register your CV from: Commercial Vehicle Movements 2. You are told in your training that the carry-over will be nearby.

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Maybe might suit someone retired but otherwise You will collect and deliver vehicles on trade plates from various locations anywhere within the UK.

The carry-over is the car you take home and em;loyed the next day. You are completely exploited as a driver. Oh there was an accident or traffic on the road can’t make the next car, say goodbye to your earnings. Select to receive alerts for related jobs:. We will pay travel cost and supply you with trade plates and fuel cards and all you need to do the job.

It is not true. They don’t care about who you are at interview and they logstics even less when you start. Travel time between jobs is not paid.

Long working hours and no appreciation for those who went the extra mile. Absolutely shocking don’t waste your time.

Bca Logistics Employee Reviews for Driver

Might suit some people but go in with eyes open. With fmployed phone operators being your point of call for any issue and they don’t answer the phone for about 45 minutes.


Following 2 days of “training”, I was planned from Suffolk all around the country. Working for BCA is actually not that bad. Upload your CV Sign in. So I personally would never recommend this company as your potential employer.

Our cookie policy describes how we use cookies and how to disable them. GBP 1, – 2, pcm.

Become a Self Employed Driver – British Car Auctions

Management show little to no compassion for many issues and dont engage with employers. GBP 1, – 2, pcm from: Bca Logistics Employee Reviews Review this company. It is a call centre that is manned by poorly trained staff who are more often than not shorthanded. In reality, this is you arguing with your controller about employsd you are entitled to the money or not.

Self Employed Trade Plate Driver Jobs

Was this review helpful? Being pressured into accepting jobs when you know it is not feasible due to timings and distance between jobs. You get paid per delivery, so all your travel time is at your cost. I have never worked for a worse company than this. Drivers have zero backup. Planners haven’t got a clue and coordinators are useless. I was advised by my controller that my earnings and working hours where not his concern.


Blistered feet, hour days, very poor pay, no back up or support, Abismal Management, false promises during training, True cost and renumeration totally misrepresented.

Working at Bca Logistics: 75 Reviews |

And their job is based around planning your collections and drop offs and keeping the Milage of the journey low so you don’t end up earning as much. With the phone operators being your point of call for any issue and they don’t answer the phone for about 45 minutes. I am aware that people have not completed training due to this individual.

I wonder if that would be the case if I had an accident.