It depends, it can crash in just a few minutes, or it can take as long as 45mins. One neat little feature that I like is that you can reboot the modem right from the GUI. Keith Jenkins September 23, , 8: Is that Motorola modem cooler? This seems to have helped. No, you cannot typically — not always modify the firmware.

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Ambit U10C018 Modem

The only adminitration tool in the modem is for changing your password. Most cbale news last week [78] Wednesday Morning Links [45] Grab that coffee! Replacing the modem fixes the problem.

I don’t know if my recent automatic reboots are related. O Called TWC tonight, they tested the modem and said they did see some packet loss, so they are sending someone in the late morning, but that won’t help, this problem is only at night!

Online If this light turns off during normal operation it would indicate the loss of the IP registration. Derwood2 to antdude Premium Member Nov 2: Another web site said that this light should remain on all the time. No lock up and I didn’t have to do anything. Moses May 23,8: All the usual lights. We think if the guest signal was eliminated we would have a stronger signal. With the Ambit I would get them on every channel change, and sometimes of them in a row within a period of minutes.


Actually, now that I think about it. It doesn’t lock up, so that makes it x cooler than the Ambit. Ambit U10C cable modems. Lance Reagan July 14,9: Widespread Cabpe Outage this morning Indicates that the cable modem has successfully completed internal power-on tests.

There’s definitely an issue with the Ambits.

It sounds like we have different issues. Aaron M to antdude. We are running through the router to a wireless modem. That sounds right for my downloads. Do I assume you have the same exact symptoms?

AMBIT CABLE MODEM Default Router Login and Password

Kristopher April 25, I believe that’s the problem with Ambit modems from other threads. CA people from this small sampler set.

Also it can resolve itself at the time i mentioned without needing to cycle the modem. This was always when maxing out bw, say, downloading from newsgroups. Video doorbell without WiFi? amblt

Cable Modem Troubleshooting: Ambit 60678E

Hello, Would I be able to connect to this modem wirelessly?? To answer my own question: I don’t want to side-track this thread. Aaron M to antdude Member Nov Ambit cable modems seem to have an issue with releasing the MAC address registration from a previous device, preventing a new device from acquiring an Mmodem address.


January 14,7: