Well theres one way to find out. What rating is your supply? So i recommend to make sure the spark jump before apply power. And is there anyway to remove the cap in the 3rd flyback without destroying my secondary? If you are not going to use this, ground the n cap. At least I’ve got some arcs.

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Arclength is dependant on finding a frequency that works for your flyback transformer, and then adjust the duty cycle for a higher output current to draw a longer spark.

I remember the drivers of my youth, sucking hard. I have made a copy of your vero board layout and pasted it into a word document Am I supposed to hear the audio?

Audio modulated flyback | Kaizer Power Electronics

That is part of a typical transforer system, where we have a high pass filter sending signal to the plasma speaker? Any help would be amazing. Troubleshooting Of course something can go wrong, so if you’re unlucky check these points.

Is this circuit better than the zvs driver?

The screen and focus knobs on the flyback only effect the the who thinner wires coming out of the flyback which are connected to the internal potential divider network. Because it is not needed.

Lower duty transforner on the will not provide that, infact the opposit. Adam Mizban December 24, at May 22, at Hey frejatet If the circuit is pulling current and you have a whistling sound from the flyback transformer, I will assume that the circuit actually works.


Flyback driver #2: NE555 quasi-resonant

The is being fed by a different power supply and absolutely no harm is done to it. I wound a primary of reasonably thick wire aprox 22 AWG and hooked it in but no sound or sparks.

transrormer June 20, at Did you connect ground to the common pin of the flyback? Umm, you should put a 1K resistor after or before the R1 9K variable resistor to avoid a shortcircuit if you put the resistor accidentally to 0 ohms… This is because the pin 7 is grounded while the device is working.

– NE Flyback Driver MOSFET failiure – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

September 22, at Check all your connections, see if the is latching up, and if all else fails try a different flyback and remake the circuit.

So pin 4 and 8 are getting 12v? Hey Josiah Its highest likely because the can not supply enough current to drive the MOSFET, so it is outputting all the current it can, thus it heats up. Have you try other flyback? They are used for generating high voltage for the CRT, which is needed to create an electric field, which in turn accelerates electrons towards the screen, which finally excite phosphors and create the image you see.


Hi, are you using a SMPS or a rectified transformer for supply?

So use your own understanding on the circuit below to find the 0V pinout. Andrew Villalpando December 24, trandformer If I email you that word document, would you be able to place a red line, representing you limit resistor, over the image in the position where you put it while testing at low voltage? I just need no more than 12 KV to operate a homemade Marx generator.

Thaks for your help ;D. The voltage will rise up to the breakdown voltage of the mosfet, where it stops since the mosfet is avalanche rated this does no harm, and only produces heat in the mosfet.

555 Flyback Transformer Driver

The MOSFET looks fine for this project, but remember that difference between timers from difference companies is their output current ability.

Looks like a great project – can I put a link to it on our web site?

A magnet plasma vortex can be made with the round ferrite magnets found in microwave ovens.