Only thing that makes it loading past the scsi bios is when I set the cdrw as first ranked in the boot order on my mother board bios – and this will only start the win xp pro installation from scratch – this will happen every time – no matter what. It’s impossible for me to find a way which will get me past the scsi bios load with out starting the win xp pro installation from scratch. I’d try reducing the system to as basic a config as possible and install, then add components one at a time. I’ve trid loading both the Adaptec Host raid drivers for win xp version 1. But I must admit that things is beginning to look a bit frustrating for me I’ve just received further info from Adaptec support team – and they almost conclude that my problem lies in the vodeocard I’m using.

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So I see the light at the end of this long dark tunnel – but I feel the darkness is surrounding me right now and making it hard for me to think clearly and stay focused on the hostraix at the end of the tunnell? Hosttraid try it later tonight Did you also have to have the Adaptec drives on seperate floppies which you had to insert during the win xp installation hitting [F6] during win xp installation start up?

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I’ve now tried so many things that I’ve ended up forgetting what hostraud normally be the right thing to do. I don’t know – but as I say I’ll try to identify the reason tonight – or maybe sunday.


The installation continues – and win xp starts to copy files to the drive from the cd. I’ve just received further info from Adaptec support team – and they almost conclude that my problem hpstraid in the vodeocard I’m using.

So in my view there must be a conflict between the mother board BIOS and the Adaptec R BIOS – but why the heck can the win xp installation program then identify the RAID 0 drive in the first part of the installation process the one where I have to choose the drive in which win xp shall install on and then NTFS format it – but is not able to do so after it has rebboted for the first time – it must be a kind of conflict – may be a IRQ conflict or a sharing PCI slot conflict I agree to hostarid win xp on this RAID 0 drive, create the drive and win xp names it: Sorry I forgot to ask you: So how come the base memory in my system has problems – when the gut from UK with the same system has not?

Adaptec – Adaptec SCSI Card R

I’ve emailes this hoxtraid to the Adaptec support team – and I paste it here – maybe you can find a solution faster than the Adaptec group can? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Thanxxxxx again for all your help and suggestions – I wouldn’t make it without you’ guys. I have the same kind of set up, as hostraif do. No, no need to enter the mobo BIOS and change the boot order. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Register a new account. Believe me – I’ve tried more than 20 different configurations – and I’m TOTALLY STUCK I’ve tried only loading the host raid drive in the win xp installation starting process where I hit [F6] to load driverso nly loading the scsi drivers, not loading any of them at all – I’ve tried setting the two seagte disk up with NO raid 0, just normalle scsi and installing win xp on the on with scsi id 0 – but it all ends up with exactly the same – as soon as the systems restarts to continue the win xp pro in stallation process, the system stops as soon as the R scsi bios has loaded.


DriverMax – SCSI Adapter – Adaptec – Adaptec ASC HostRAID driver Drivers Download

Or sign in with one of these services. Sign in with Twitter. Yeahhh I hope so too – I’m actually opening my first bottle of Carlsberg beer right now I’d try reducing the system to as basic a config as possible and install, then add components one at a time.

At the end of this file-copy process, win xp promts me to once again insert the two disks with the adaptec R drivers the host raid and normal scsi drivers for win xp.

SCSI Adapter – Adaptec – Adaptec ASC-39320 HostRAID driver Drivers Download

Sign in with Google. Hope this might Help. Can somone guide me please Especially if you have the in there too.

I’ll have to dig in hard Posted April 11, There’s a lot of drives in that system. C and start to format the drive in NTFS. Posted April 12, Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. This is for a Raid 0 setup.