Sided Printing From The Manual Feed Slot About this printer The printer will now automatically print all the odd-numbered pages on the other side of the paper. Driver You can change the following printer settings when you print from your computer. It can cause explosion as the toner fills the vacuum cleaner and gets sparks. Driver Store Job The printer saves data that you want to reprint. The first thing to note is this printer is labeled as a document model and our tests confirmed this is where its strength lies. Troubleshooting Examples of poor print Recommendation quality If the problem is not solved after printing a few pages, the drum unit may have glue from label stock on the OPC drum surface.

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Make sure that the printer is turned on and the Drum LED is blinking.

Routine maintenance Wipe the scanner window with a dry, lint-free cloth. Routine maintenance Put the new toner cartridge firmly into the drum unit until you hear it lock into place.

Control panel Control panel button Docpurint button The control panel button has the following functions: Printing Methods About this printer Printing methods Printing on plain paper, bond paper and transparencies You can print on plain paper, bond paper or transparencies from the paper tray or manual feed slot.

Back cover open Close the back cover of the printer.

DocuPrint 203 A Drivers & Downloads

Purchase a new toner cartridge and have it ready for when Toner Empty is indicated. Anyone after consistent, high quality document printing this is one of the premiere choices. OPC should be rotate in the same order, otherwise it will broken some part and the toner will be leakage.


Page 32 About this printer Using both hands, put one piece of paper or one envelope in the manual feed slot until the front edge of the paper or envelope touches the paper feed roller. Printable Area About this printer Printable area The edges of the paper that cannot be printed on are shown below.

DocuPrint 203A Drivers & Downloads

Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure. The following are examples of items that may be illegal to copy or print in your country.

Solving Print Problems Troubleshooting Solving print problems Problem Recommendation The printer prints unexpectedly Make sure the printer cable is not too long. Put in a new drum unit. This equipment is certified as a Class 1 laser product under [IEC]. Diana Soong asked on Jun 02, About this printer After the printed page comes out of the printer, put in the next sheet of paper or the transparency as in Step 5 above.

Ive had this unit for 6 months now and absolutely love it.

Hold down the Go button as you turn on the power switch. Troubleshooting You can correct most problems by yourself.


Pilgrim11 replied on Jun 02, The names for the paper trays in the print driver and this guide are as follows: Troubleshooting Examples of poor print Recommendation quality Make sure that you use paper that meets the recommended specifications. About this printer Paper orientation for 2 sided 203aa The printer prints the second page first.


Page 89 Troubleshooting Examples of poor print Recommendation quality Wipe the scanner window with a soft cloth. If the jammed paper cannot be pulled out easily, push down the tab with one hand as you gently pull the paper out with other.

Odcuprint this printer The printer will now automatically print all the odd-numbered pages on the other 23a of the paper. This is a great Printer! Thanks to Clangel and Geezer If the paper is paper.

Paper Handling Troubleshooting Paper handling First, make sure that you are using paper that meets recommended paper specifications. Guidelines for printing on both sides of the paper If the paper is thin, it may wrinkle. There was a lack of contrast in most of our prints, so anything dark wound up with a fairly uniform black colour lacking definition between areas. Guides supplied We provide the following guides for optimum usage of the machine.

Page 26 About this printer Lift up the support flap to prevent paper from sliding off the face-down output tray.