I solved this by adding library to the library console below my project: I think the GUI tends to be easier to use, but you do tend to need to call that jar file via the windows command prompt to start. Invocation of init method failed; nes ted exception is java. Invocation of init method failed; nested exception is java. The servers tries to connect but throws a “cannot find a suitable driver for” exception. If you are still seeing this error, I would be interested to see if you can post a screenshot of your display when this happens.

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Cannot resolve r eference to bean ‘liferayHibernateSessionFactory’ while setting constructor argument; nested excepti on is org. Yes, sorry, I didn’t pay close enough attention to that the first time.

“No suitable driver found for >jdbc:h2:file”

Ok I got it figured out If your using embedded Derby you need Derby. Cannot resolve reference to b ean ‘threadLocalCacheAdvice’ while setting bean property ‘nextMethodInterceptor’; nested exception i s org. Cannot resolve reference to bean ‘threadLocalCa cheAdvice’ while setting bean property ‘nextMethodInterceptor’; nested exception is org. In this case I’m testing using my Local.


Can any body help. In reply to this post by Kristian Suitzble Thanks everyone, I made it! Corrupt or lost files are a bit more involved to fix.

[RESOLVED] DB2 eption: No suitable driver – Forums – Liferay Community

You can also add it anywhere in that class statically like this: Without repeat what have been suggested above, here are the things I you may be missing: Deploying configuration descriptor C: Since the connection URL looks fine, I bet that the driver isn’t loaded at all.

I think that Kristian’s theory about classloaders is the most likely, as application servers and RMI runtimes tend to provide really finicky class loading behaviors. Since you’ve demonstrated that the simple “java -classpath The usual culprit is permissions, but you should also disable anti-virus to see if it’s that. I wrote my settings in the first post. I never mentioned before this error because, sincerely and stupidly, I never watched the rmid window, focusing only on the client error.

No suitable driver found for jdbc:derby

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Iain Ballard 3, 23 Firstly, suitsble you find a ‘derby. I just bumped into this problem, tried all above suggestions but still failed. I’m also not sure that derbyrun.

Thank you for your interest in this question. That problem is really odd.

If I haven’t answered your question properly, tell me: Suggest an answer Log in or Sign up to answer. Atlassian Community logo Explore. Reading derby manual, I found I need to use ClientDriver, to avoid the “maybe someone is already connected to the db” in this case, the login-server message.

EmbeddedDriver Thu Dec 02 I had the same problem when I was writing Suitalbe application on Netbeans. So something in your server code must be interfering with the Class. The question is answered but providing a command suitab,e for illustration.